The Buckeye Party Room is perfect for your next get together.

Our party room is decked out with OSU Buckeye gear and is a great place for any party, meeting or get together.  Located in Historical Downtown Circleville it has a perfect setting.

At Gibbys Eatery and Sports Bar we LOVE parties.

The Buckeye Room is just the start...

Our scrumptious menu will not only compliment your meeting, but it will add some serious fun!  Eat Local, Eat at Gibbys Eatery and Sports Bar.

The Buckeye Party Room

Gibbys Buckeye Party Room-Circleville

Located in Quaint, Downtown Circleville

Gibbys is located within the Shopping District of Historical Downtown Circleville.  On street and off street parking is available within in a setting the screams nostalgia.  We'll see you downtown.